Construction ESG data firm Vizcab raises €1.2m


Vizcab, which provides data-driven carbon reduction technology to the construction industry, has raised a further €1.2m from Banque des Territoires and Europe’s largest proptech VC, A/O PropTech.

Banque des Territoires and A/O PropTech had initially invested €1.6m via a Series-A to accelerate the development of Vizcab.

Vizcab will use the monies raised for the launch of Filtr, a new platform which will provide and promote a range of environmental data for construction products.

The importance of environmental data for construction is only growing as governments around the world implement regulations aimed at improving building sustainability.

In the UK, the government has adopted the Committee on Climate Change’s (CCC) recommendations that decarbonising the UK’s housing stock will be vital if the UK is to meet its legally-binding net-zero targets by 2050.

Technology such as Vizcab’s Filtr will be crucial in helping construction firms slash their environmental impact.

Othmane Zrikem, chief data officer at A/O PropTech said: “Without comprehensive data, those trying to reduce their carbon emissions are doing so blindfolded.To ignore the embodied carbon stemming from a building’s construction materials is to ignore up to 40 percent of its total emissions. Vizcab’s Filtr product has the potential to transform our approach to calculating carbon: by accurately determining the environmental impact of every construction product in a whole life cycle assessment and packaging this information in an intuitive digital platform, it gives architects, engineers, developers and policymakers alike the tools they need to start cutting carbon emissions in the right places. At A/O PropTech, we are committed to supporting companies that use data and material science techniques to lead the fight against climate change, and so we’re proud to be supporting Vizcab on their mission to do exactly that.”