Corbyn fights ‘pacifist’ claim, PM targeting ‘patriotic’ Labour voters and a Lib Dem candidate urging public not to vote for him – Politics roundup

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn ‘not a pacifist’

In a speech earlier today, Jeremy Corbyn declared ‘I am not a pacifist’ but accepted that military action would be used as ‘a last resort’.

The Tories have accused Corbyn of spending ‘a lifetime trying to disarm Britain’ and PM Theresa May earlier today made a direct appeal to ‘patriotic’ Labour voters to join her team.

Prime Minister targeting disillusioned North East voters

Theresa May has today claimed that Labour has deserted its working-class voters leaving many of them ‘appalled’ by Jeremy Corbyn’s beliefs.

Following the leak of the draft Labour Party manifesto, may claimed that their programme would represent a return to ‘the disastrous policies of the 1970s’.

Official Labour manifesto to be released in next few days

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has stated that his party’s official manifesto has been ‘unanimously agreed’ and will be published ‘in the next few days’.

The draft version was leaked earlier this week and has caused Corbyn several tough questions from both the opposition, the media and people within his own party. The amended version would be ‘very popular’ with the public.

Liberal Democrat urging people not to vote for him

The Lib Dem candidate for Bury North, Richard Baum, has urged the public in his constituency to not vote for him and instead support Labour.

He hopes that this will, in turn, help defeat the Conservatives and their ‘hard Brexit agenda’.

The Green Party insist they are the only ones that put the environment first

Co-leader of The Green Party Caroline Lucas has today said that, if elected, her party would introduce environmental safeguards that the UK will lose following Britain leaving the EU.

Among the proposed new laws include protection for Britain’s wildlife, nature reserves and countryside.

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