Coronavirus planning – how SMEs should respond

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The government has estimated that 20% of the workforce will stay off work sick during the peak of a coronavirus pandemic. Big news for any company, but even bigger for SMEs with a smaller pool of employees to help absorb the disruption.

In response to the pandemic, employees are being encouraged to work remotely where possible, and self-isolate at any sign of illness. While absolutely necessary reactions to stopping the spread of the virus, this is set to cause disruption to businesses in the coming weeks.

Business owners are facing difficult decisions on how to keep their business going through these uncertain times – not only in a logistical sense, but also how to ensure productivity by maintaining energy and teamwork when your teams are working remotely. Not easy questions to answer.

So, we wanted to remind you how IRIS HR Professional can support SMEs through these uncertain times.

About IRIS HR Professional

IRIS HR Professional is a HR management system designed specifically to help SMEs create an environment where everyone in the business can thrive.

Storing all your people data and documents securely in one place and removing manual processes reduces risk, increases control, and gives you an error free, consistent approach to HR management.

Built with legislative compliance in mind, you can also rest assured that your HR needs are in safe hands. For example, as the government has made recent changes to SSP, our software can help you process these payments and is updated to reflect legislation changes as and when they take place.

Other features that will help you respond to the challenges specifically raised by the Coronavirus include:

  • Anytime, any place, any device – IRIS HR Professional is Cloud based which means you and your employees have instant access, no matter where you’re all working from
  • Business continuity planning – you can use IRIS HR Professional to record the location of your teams and the assets they need to keep working, such as laptops and mobile phones
  • Workforce planning – generate reports on the demographics of your workforce to understand the risk Coronavirus is placing on your teams, including age profiles and employees with underlying health conditions
  • Employee wellbeing – IRIS HR Professional provides visibility of the holiday days your team have booked in to help you plan who will need to undergo a period of self-isolation and when. You can also record useful information such as holiday destinations and track return to work conversations.

Speak to our expert team

To find out more about how IRIS HR Professional can help your business through these uncertain times, call us on 0344 815 5554 or visit our website.

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