Corporate Escapology: Who can beat Google?

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With team building activities increasing in popularity one centre in London is capitalising by launching the world’s first corporate escape room championships.

The Adventox Escape Rooms in West London welcomed dozens of corporate clients last year and published their own league table highlighting which companies were quickest to break free.

A team from Google finished top of the leader board ahead of some of Britain’s best known corporate names including Coca Cola, Sky and Barclays Bank.

The league table became a feature at the centre in Shepherd’s Bush with rival teams competing to knock Google off their perch right up until New Year’s Eve.

Now managers plan to go one step further by launching an annual Corporate Escapology Challenge – an annual event with teams competing to be named escape champions.

The escape rooms are based in the West12 Shopping Centre in Shepherds Bush, close to the corporate headquarters of many UK companies.

Each team is locked inside rooms and handed one of two assignments – Mission X or Escape from Alcatraz, they must then escape the room in the quickest time possible but can ask for hints from Adventox controllers if they get stuck.

The team from Google topped the Adventox leader board for 2018 after escaping from Alcatraz in just 37 minutes and three seconds. Incredibly the clever lot required only one hint to aid their escape.

Wimbledon Tennis Club were hot on their heels, escaping the room in 38 minutes and 37 seconds after three helpful hints.

A team from John Lewis weren’t far behind, breaking free after 39 minutes and 41 seconds thanks to two hints.

Other corporate teams who took part in the challenge last year included crews from Amazon, Paddy Power, Coca Cola, Barclays, Virgin and PWC.

A spokesman for Adventox Escape Rooms said: “Corporate teams are an important part of our business, so we thought it would be fun to publish their escape times on a leader board in our reception.

“We didn’t anticipate just how much it would fan the flames of competition with rival companies seriously competing to beat each other and top the table.

“Such was the popularity of the leader board we have decided to extend it into 2019 but we are extending it into what we believe is the world’s first corporate escape room championships this year.

“Our escape rooms require teams to pool resources and work together. It’s a brilliant team building experience as they really have to join forces and cooperate.

“We are looking forward to welcoming back last year’s teams and seeing who, if anyone, can beat Google’s record time. I dare say there will be many companies out there who will try to topple Google’s record.”

The Adventox Escape Rooms Corporate League Table:

Company Name Players Game Escape Time Hints
Google 5 Alcatraz 37:03:00 1
Wimbledon Tennis Club 6 Alcatraz 38:37:00 3
John Lewis 6 Alcatraz 39:41:00 2
Nuffeld Health 6 Alcatraz 43:49:00 3
HMPS 5 Alcatraz 44:15:00 8
BEIS 5 Mission X 44:22:00 5
Knight Frank 6 Mission X 44:56:00 4
Paddy Power 6 Alcatraz 45:07:00 1
Sky 6 Mission X 45:26:00 3
AXA 4 Alcatraz 47:21:00 4
Kidzania 6 Alcatraz 47:57:00 5
Coca Cola 4 Alcatraz 48:12:00 4
NHS 4 Alcatraz 48:50:00 4
Virgin 5 Alcatraz 49:42:00 4
Amazon 6 Alcatraz 49:47:00 4
Waitrose 4 Mission X 51:06:00 5
WorldPay 6 Alcatraz 52:13:00 5
Mail Newspapers 7 Mission X 52:15:00 2
Dunelm 6 Alcatraz 53:02:00 4
Fulham FC 4 Alcatraz 54:16:00 5
London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham 6 Mission X 54:30:00 6
PWC 4 Alcatraz 54:59:00 4
Leon 6 Alcatraz 55:07:00 6
Canon 7 Mission X 56:16:00 1
Barclays 6 Alcatraz 58:52:00 3
Kurt Geiger 6 Alcatraz 59:37:00 4

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