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Earlier this year, the Business Leader team got to experience how Corporate Peaks is changing the image of company holidays and how it can benefit any business.

Based in the Alps, Corporate Peaks offer bespoke ski holidays to companies of all sizes and sectors – from budget to luxury, they can cater to your business’ demands.

With the proven health and commercial benefits of company holidays and excursions, Corporate Peaks are perfectly placed to help a business grow.

Following months of preparation, the team will greet you at the airport and will be with you every step of the way – with skiing, hotels, entertainment and meals all incorporated into the price.

Founder and Managing Director Holly Hull lives in the Alps herself and has an incredible knowledge of the many resorts that cover the many European countries that embrace the mountain range.

Holly explained: “We are new, young and full of energy! As a business, we are always eager to be with our clients and offer support throughout every step of the trip, from the organisation side to the return journey.

“We also live out here in the alps, and have decades of seasonal work experience between us all. As a result of this, we know what really works and what doesn’t in each and every resort that we offer. Our expert and professional advice is based on first-hand experience. We believe this is what makes each of our trips stand out.”

Marketing Director Ben Newman has been with Holly since the company started in 2015 and has seen the benefit of a corporate getaway.

He said: “Mountain travel is a well-established industry which has been around for a long time. There are some fantastic companies out there which offer the most special experiences. However, ultimately we found a missing link between the tourism industry and professionals – especially where we are based.

“With so much attention focused on well-being and mental health in the work place it became clear just how beneficial a corporate ski trip can be.

“Fresh mountain air, combined with learning a new sport, getting fit together and team bonding,  leaves colleagues feeling refreshed and motivated heading back to work. They find a new found appreciation for each other and the company, which directly leads to an increase in productivity levels.

“It was this that was an inspiration, as there were goals we wanted to apply in our own working environment also.”

It was this inspiration that has lead to the business growing across many resorts across France, Italy and Switzerland.

The picturesque and historic town of Sauze D’Oulx in the Italian Alps was where the Business Leader team got to experience the Corporate Peaks expertise first hand.

Following a warm greeting at Turin Airport by Ben, we were immediately shown to our shuttle bus transfer to the resort.

Despite arriving late in the evening, we were then welcomed by Holly and treated to a buffet and drinks, which were warmly received by all.

Joining Business Leader team on the four-day excursion was London-based interior design company, Peldon Rose.

The Peldon Rose team were shown to their rooms in a classic mountain hotel overlooking the town centre, the Business Leader team were shown to their apartment in the ‘Old Town’ – a characteristic and charming Italian village on the side of the mountain.

With frozen wells, heavy snowfall and quaint, dimly lit backstreets, the Old Town itself was a sight to behold.

Early the next day – and after some spectacular Italian coffee – everyone was taken through the safety briefing and given their ski and snowboarding equipment for the next few days.

The Corporate Peaks team and their local contacts were there to answer any questions and help with anything they needed.

Once everyone was ready, people were separated into groups with the same ability and taken to the slopes. The Business Leader team were given private lessons with the best instructors available.

With the winter sun beating down on the fresh snow, the resort was buzzing with anticipation for exciting day ahead.

After a morning of learning (or re-learning) the basics, we were treated to a traditional Italian meal in a mountain cabin full of skiers and snowboarders taking a well-earned rest.

Fully refreshed – it was back out onto the slopes for an afternoon of learning and putting the mornings practice into action.

Despite the fact that the groups were spread out across the different ‘runs’ on the mountain, Sauze D’Oulx seemed to satisfy people of all abilities.

On the chairlift down from the slopes – with nothing but silence and the stunning views over the valley – it was the perfect photo opportunity before the start of the Après Ski entertainment.

Once back down and in the town, the Corporate Peaks team had a selection of food and drinks available at one of the towns many bars.

Following this, the Business Leader team were taken on a night time ‘skidoo’ tour up the maintain to experience a meal like no other.

In the steep, dark mountain paths – and through heavy snowfall – a log cabin hotel lit up out of the weather.

Once inside, the team, alongside Ben and Holly enjoyed a gourmet meal accompanied by the highest-regarded selection of local wine.

As a first day on a corporate getaway goes – it was hard to beat.

Over the next few days, both Business Leader and Peldon Rose were given the opportunity to prove themselves on tougher runs – and with the help of the expert private and group tuition, everyone came away a better skier or snowboarder.

Both companies got to experience all the resort had to offer, including the local restaurants and different bars.

Holly was incredibly impressed with what the resort and town had to offer.

She said: “Sauze D’oulx is one of the most exciting resorts for our keen skiers/team bonding getaways. Not only does it boast a short transfer time from Turin Airport, it has some of the most underrated skiing I have experienced in a long time.

“If you can accept that the lift system is dated in comparison to some of the Alps’ ‘power house’ resorts. You will enjoy long, winding runs, often quiet and challenging, perfect for intermediates. The fresh and rustic Italian cooking is also a refreshing change from the indulgent fondues and raclettes traditional to skiing holidays.

“To add to this, with the rise of prices in the ski industry following significant law changes; particularly with chalet-based retreats. It offers something for those not looking to break the bank with their budgets, it also offers the individuals themselves the option to pay.”

Between the pristine snow conditions, beautiful town and lively nightlife – Sauze D’Oulx had everything for a company looking for a getaway – no matter the budget.

One of the many benefits of working with Corporate Peaks is that they live and breathe the Alps every day.

Holly, Ben and the team know how to exceed expectations and quickly deal with any issues and questions anyone may have.

CEO of Peldon Rose Jitesh Patel has used Corporate Peaks for their annual getaway for the last few years and will continue to do so. He believes there is no one better in the industry.

He commented: “We don’t want to spend time organising events as we need to run our business – that’s where Corporate Peaks come in. We tell them our budget – they will then find the perfect location and negotiate the right deals for our group. They are the one-stop shop for corporate ski trips and they have sorted everything out for us.

“We have used them for the last few years and we will continue to do so. Everything is organised from the minute we land, until we are back on the plane home.

“They give us the brief and organise our skiing and entertainment for the trip. We want to go to a different location every year, but we don’t know the details of those locations. Corporate Peaks are the experts and have already scouted those locations out in person.”

Not only does a corporate getaway help bring teams and individuals closer, but it has proven to have many other benefits for employees and employers.

Holly explained: “The benefits to a corporate getaway are heavily dependent on the style of getaway at hand.

“For example, with our winter sales conference trips – the benefits can often be as simple as the excitement of a new destination; encouraging better productivity/motivation during the working trip, particularly if combined with active exercises, such as Performance development workshops- using ‘snow sports as the vehicle for your team to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of specific, pre-negotiated aspects of performance’.”

“Other benefits include client to client relationship building/appreciation. Not to mention target setting incentive wins, encouraging active competitiveness not just in your office but nationwide if there are more branches. The benefits are endless!”

The Business Leader team cannot recommend the Corporate Peaks team enough for everything they did during our stay in Italy.

If your business is looking for a company retreat, please contact Corporate Peaks to see what they can offer you.

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