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How to create customers who sell your business

Rob Carter

Rob Carter

Business Coach Rob Carter discusses how to create customers who sell your business.

Wouldn’t that be great – customers who love what you do so much that they sell your business for you.

Here’s 3 straightforward tips on how to give winning customer service for any type of business:


Customers want to buy in a secure and risk free environment so whatever it is you choose to do in your business do it the same each and every time.

Your level of service doesn’t have to be the best in the market, it just needs to be consistent. So if you run a pub and you ask your customers whether they would like more drinks when you deliver their food then do it for everybody, everyday.

Ease to Buy

You’ll be surprised in what you see when you walk through your business as if you were your customer.

Is pricing clear, is there advice and support always to hand, how many ways are there to pay, is there parking, what are your opening hours, is the phone answered quickly and efficiently?

The list is endless. Put barriers in the path of customers and they won’t buy or if they do they won’t come back.

WOW Factor

And finally, take a look at the moments of truth that you have with your potential customers.

You know, those moments when if it goes really well they will buy and if it doesn’t you have lost the sale and the customer for good.

Work out what it is you can do to make those moments of truth special, consistent and WOW.