Creator of the Wombles launches own business

Emma Leith (left)

Emma Leith (left)

A woman from Bath who helped her dad make the world-famous TV shows The Wombles and Paddington Bear has launched her own business.

Emma Leith set up Emma Leith Atelier, running mosaic, crochet and felting workshops.

Emma’s business has been inspired by dad Barry who was the animation, set and model director for the original Wombles and Paddington Bear in the 1970s.

As a young girl, Emma helped build the set and models during her long summer holidays and even took the Great Uncle Bulgaria home as her childhood ‘teddy’.

Emma comments: “Mum and dad inspired me to believe I can achieve anything which is why I set this business up during the recession.

“Dad animated and built the set and models for the original Wombles that filled my childhood.

“I would spend all of my school holidays in the studio with him while he filmed them.

“It was great fun. I ‘helped’ paper mâché the wombles’ burrows where the Wombles live. To keep me quiet I was allowed to play with them when they weren’t being filmed.”

Emma even got to sit on the knee of Mohammad Ali – one of the many famous people who visited dad’s studio.

She comments: “Ali told in all seriousness that no matter what I did in life I was to follow my dreams.

” It’s only with years of hindsight that I realise what incredibly wise words these were. I like to think I listened to him as well.”