Crowdcube launch Cubex – a European marketplace for shares in private companies


Exeter-based crowdfunding giant, Crowdcube, have launched Cubex, a secondary marketplace that allows retail investors to buy and sell shares in high-growth private European companies.

According to Crowdcuve: “Cubex was launched in response to the growing demand from our portfolio of companies and the trend of businesses staying private for longer, Cubex satisfies demand among existing shareholders to realise a return without the need to wait for an exit. At the same time, Cubex offers new investors the opportunity to invest in proven, high-growth, pre-IPO businesses that they’ve long admired but previously could not access.

“Gone are the days when a successful exit for businesses and investors meant only a blockbuster IPO or acquisition. As companies stay private for longer, and grow faster and become more valuable than ever before, this is a real boon for retail investors: a European marketplace to buy and sell equity in early-stage category-definers.”

As the age, size and profile of companies that raise capital via Crowdcube become older, larger and higher, Cubex will help investors and companies interact and benefit from one another’s presence on the platform.

Cubex allows companies to rejuvenate their shareholder registers with new blood; it rewards early supporters for their loyal backing, and it gives investors the chance to get behind Europe’s most ambitious businesses whose doors would otherwise be closed to them.