Cryptocurrency platform Nebeus to raise £5m in Series A funding


Cryptocurrency platform, Nebeus is seeking to raise £5m of Series A funding to accompany the platform’s mission in giving people a platform to bridge the gap between crypto and cash by allowing crypto-asset owners to access instant cash, financial services, and even earn using their crypto without selling it.

The funding will be used to support Nebeus’ core focus areas: Research and Development efforts and new product launches (25%), Marketing (35%), Resource (20%), and the Nebeus Mastercard rollout (20%).

Globally, there is more than £1tn held in millions of crypto wallets around the world, and although there are only a handful of ways to use crypto in everyday life, cryptocurrencies are more than just investments.

This fundraising effort is a build-on December’s pre–Series A and a follow-on from Nebeus’s Seedrs investment round, which saw a convertible loan crowdfunding campaign gain support from 248 investors, and match funding from the U.K. taxpayer-funded Future Fund, which has now come to a close.

Nebeus is currently valued at £14.6m, and its revenue has been growing, on average, by 23.81% year on year since its launch. The recent pre-Series-A crowdfunding campaign has further boosted this growth on Seedrs, and the investment gained from the Government’s Future Fund.

Michael Stroev, the COO & Head of Product at Nebeus, said: “We already offer a variety of products and services on our platform, which places us in and amongst the industry leaders across the world. This Series-A funding will allow us to continue to push the boundaries and focus our efforts on delivering new and innovative products to both the crypto and fintech worlds.”