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Cullen Eco Packaging appoints Phil Brien as new Head of Sales

Sustainable packaging innovator, Cullen Eco Packaging has made a new strategic senior appointment this week, hiring Phil Brien as Head of Sales for Moulded Fibre.

The firm created the new position as part of a range of ramp-up measures to meet the rapidly growing demand for moulded fibre packaging to replace one billion pieces of plastic packaging per year.

Having recently announced £15m plans to expand the already impressive 14-acre manufacturing site in Glasgow, built new machines and tooling in-house, and added to its design and innovation team, Cullen’s owner David MacDonald will work closely with Brien to address the growing number of enquiries for high volumes of sustainable replacements for plastic packaging currently on shelves.

Brien brings with him a wealth of experience in global sales and business development, having previously worked as Director of Procurement at PG Paper Company.

The director will use his extensive experience to help the growing number of supermarket chains and FMCG goods producers to understand what tertiary, secondary and primary plastic packaging can be replaced right away in the volumes and price points they need. He will drive the deployment of the new Cullen Fibre Bottle innovation which is currently on trial with a major global FMCG producer of health, hygiene and nutrition products.

Cullen’s production has hit an all-time high this quarter, with increased demand from retailers, health services and food and drink producers in the 34 countries it serves. Chasing one billion units per year sold as its target, Cullen’s growth has increased by 67% on sales of 1.2 billion units produced in two years from 2021-2022.

Phil Brien, Head of Sales for Moulded Fibre, Cullen Eco Packaging

Phil Brien

David MacDonald, Cullen ECO-Friendly Packaging’s Owner, said: “Demand for plastic alternatives is going through the roof so Phil’s appointment comes at a crucial time for us and our customers. So many companies are looking to replace plastic packaging, for instance supermarkets, but they’re worried that they can’t.

“The good news is that we can replace most of their plastic within a month. We’re well underway with this process for so many big brands but there are many more looking to understand what’s possible, so that’s where Phil comes in. He will be instrumental in helping replace plastic packaging in the UK and our 34 export markets.”

Phil Brien, Head of Sales for Moulded Fibre at Cullen ECO-Friendly Packaging said: “Cullen is an incredible, innovative company that’s growing fast. David has expanded the premises, built more of the company’s own bespoke machines and tooling, ramping up capacity to handle the increasingly diverse range of moulded fibre packaging alternatives to plastic.

“The demand is there, and the capacity is there, so my job is to go out and connect clients with our packaging innovations to strip billions of plastic waste out of our environment. It’s an exciting time and I can’t wait to get started.”