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Dad thanks Sir Richard Branson for turning his daughter’s life around

Samantha Sleeman

Samantha Sleeman

Samantha Sleeman, aged 14, has achieved incredible success since arriving at the Academy Priory Community School in the same year the Sir Richard Branson Centre was launched to help those with a range of conditions including dyslexia.

After previously being unable to read or spell simple words, she is now predicted B in most subjects at GCSE thanks to the ground-breaking centre that was recently graded a ‘1’ outstanding by Ofsted along with every other aspect of the school.

Now her dad Bernard wants every town to have a Sir Richard Branson Centre.

Sir Richard himself has the lifelong condition – along with 1 in 10 people of the population – and yet has become one of the highest-achieving people on the planet.

Bernard said: “Thanks Sir Richard! My daughter’s life has been changed around and it is the centre inspired by his name and work that has done it.

“How many other potential Sir Richard’s are being lost in the system? It could total tens of thousands of future success stories.

“I want to make every parent, teacher and politician in the UK aware of Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, and the range of linked conditions, that are so wonderfully catered for at the Sir Richard Branson Centre.”

Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group Founder, said: “When I was younger, dyslexia was poorly understood and people with dyslexia often felt excluded rather than encouraged.

“Samantha is an inspiration for anyone with dyslexia and shows that with the right support and encouragement it’s possible to achieve incredible results.

“I hope the centre continues to change the lives of students at the Priory Community School for many years to come.”