Potential Blair return and Tory mayor defends spending £1 million on election campaign – Politics Round-Up

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John Healey MP

Labour to introduce tougher standards for rented property

Shadow housing secretary John Healey has promised a “consumer rights revolution” for renters in England if Labour win the General Election.

There would be an introduction of new legal standards with “tougher” punishments for landlords who fail to meet Labour’s proposal.

The conservatives have said the new legal standards would increase people’s rent.

Lib Dems chose election candidate for Bath

The Liberal Democrats have selected Wera Hobhouse in a bid to reclaim former stronghold, Bath. Having originally held the seat for 23 years, the seat is currently held by Conservative MP Ben Howlett.

The Lib Dem candidacy was vacated last week by Jay Risbridger, after citing personal family reasons.

West Midlands tory metro mayor candidate defends £1m campaign spending

Ex-John Lewis boss Andy Street has defended spending up to £1m on his campaign for metro mayor. After admitting he has spent a substantial amount more than his opponents, he said the cost was “absolutely appropriate” in the build up to the May 4 elections.

The other candidates have called the rules to be changed around the level of spending.

Tony Blair and Jeremy Corbyn

Corbyn mute on potential Blair return

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has declined to comment on the prospect of a return to politics for previous leader, Tony Blair.

Blair spoke with the Daily Mirror last week and stated that Brexit had motivated him to get more directly involved in politics, leading to Corbyn’s answering questions from the press on his campaign trail in London yesterday.

Sturgeon criticises PM over pensions and taxes

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has attached Theresa May over the conservatives plans over income tax and national insurance.

Sturgeon believes that the Tory’s plans for heavy tax cuts for the richest and the apparent refusal to give commitments to working people and pensioners, shows that May has the wrong priorities going into next month’s General Election.

Former Labour frontbenchers urge party to withdraw candidates

Clive Green and Tulip Siddiq have issued a letter to The Guardian, asking their party to withdraw candidates in key Green Party seats.

Brighton Pavilion and the Isle of Wight are the constituencies they believe the greens should have a clear run at. The Lib Dems have already withdrawn from Brighton Pavilion.