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‘Professor Frank Joseph and Christine Cottrell from DAM Health UK
DAM Health UK director, Professor Frank Joseph, says it is important for businesses to invest in protection as Covid-19 will be ‘here for the long term’

DAM Health UK, one of the country’s leading suppliers of Covid-19 protective equipment, has increased its range of products as it sets about getting Britain ‘back to business’.

The company, backed by Professor Frank Joseph, has supplied protective equipment to a variety of major organisations since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. It has now increased its range of services and support to businesses who want to make workplaces and public spaces safer and secure as the second national lockdown lifts.

The company has recently introduced an ASSET machine to its product range. The Anti-viral Sanitisation Safe Entry Tunnel is a walkthrough tunnel which uses organic, water based sanitisers without wetting clothing or the skin. The technology is expected to be introduced to public arenas next year and is already being acquired for use in offices throughout the UK.

DAM Health has also expanded its workplace Covid-19 testing facilities including it’s ‘fit to work’ programme as well as its product range of essential protective equipment including facial shields, masks and additional sanitisers.

Professor Frank Joseph, from DAM Health UK, who is a specialist in endocrinology and internal medicine, comments: “DAM Health UK is an industry leader in vital Covid-19 solutions and we are delivering our services across the country. It is essential for all workplaces and those operating public events and an important investment towards a return to any sense of normality and getting back to business.

We have a specialist team available to help people with enquiries surrounding Covid protective equipment and testing. Covid-19 is here for the long term but we can beat it together.”

More information about DAM HEALTH UK is available at www.dam-health.com

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