Dataminr acquires real-time crisis response platform Krizo

Dataminr, the real-time information discovery platform, has announced it is acquiring Krizo, an innovative real-time crisis response platform for global enterprises.

Krizo’s capabilities will be fully integrated into Dataminr Pulse, the product relied on by over half of the Fortune 50 for discovering the earliest indications of emerging events and critical information that affect a corporation’s people, assets, and operations.

“We are thrilled to welcome the highly talented Krizo team to Dataminr. The pioneering product they’ve built will further expand the value of our real-time information discovery platform for our corporate customers,” said Dataminr Founder and CEO, Ted Bailey.

“Unexpected events can occur anywhere across the world at any moment – such as a supply chain disruption caused by a natural disaster or a ransomware attack impacting a critical business system – radically affecting a company’s people, assets, and operations. With Krizo’s real-time crisis response platform integrated into Dataminr Pulse, our corporate customers will accelerate the speed at which they take action on the real-time events, threats and risks discovered by Dataminr’s AI platform.”

Krizo, a Copenhagen-based technology company, has created a new category of corporate collaboration platform that is purpose-built for enabling the fastest and most efficient real-time corporate response to unexpected crises. In the five years since its founding, Krizo has established itself as a product innovator, relied on by global enterprises including Fujifilm, Vodafone, Maersk, and Palo Alto Networks.