Deel completes acquisition of visa provider Legalpad

Deel Co-founder and CEO Alex Bouaziz

Deel, the $5.5B global payroll, compliance and hiring company, has announced the acquisition of Legalpad, which streamlines the hard-to-navigate US work visa process, making it faster and more efficient for companies and their teams.

The company’s mission is to give millions of people the chance to work for the best companies in the world, no matter where they’re located. A big part of achieving this goal is making sure people can get the right visas to work in a certain country smoothly and quickly.

Since its founding in 2018, Legalpad has helped thousands of global workers work for US companies. Its technology streamlines the cumbersome and difficult-to-navigate work visa processes, making it faster for US businesses to hire people from other countries.

Deel plans to integrate Legalpad’s team of mobility experts and software with their current immigration organization and improve their capabilities. Deel will add their US visa processing services to their existing ones so they can help process more visas in more countries like France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Singapore. Their customers will also get expanded mobility support, as well as Deel’s all-in-one platform for their onboarding, compliance, and payroll needs.

“We’re thrilled about this acquisition – which will make connecting employers to global talent easier than ever,” said Deel Co-founder and CEO Alex Bouaziz. “Together with the Legalpad team, we can break down immigration hiring barriers to get more people working for the best companies in the world.”