Difficulties and Challenges with Leadership

Matt Fiddes

Being a leader is a key factor to becoming a successful business man or woman. No want wants to be a follower!

Being a leader means lots of things. A positive role model. Someone who lives by example. Someone who walks the talk of how they want their team or staff to be.

Your staff need to look up to you and aspire to be like you one day. Which will give you the chance to replace yourself and spend time on other business projects.

As a role model there are thousands of children and young adults who all want to become a success whether it be at my martial arts, dance, pilates and my First Aid schools.

I train twice daily, six days a week, to show I am still passionate about what I do. And of course health needs to come before wealth.

I read two or three non fiction educational business and personal development books per week. Or I use down-time like driving to learn and listen to audio books.

My staff or students will never find me drinking alcohol or using bad language. In my case leadership is very important as I have to almost be seen as a “school head teacher”.

The parents of the children who join the Matt Fiddes classes want me to represent what their child could become one day.

This works with your personal use of social media too. As a leader you can let yourself down or give off the wrong impression without even knowing it. You need to only show things via social media that your staff, team or clients may see and be inspired by.

Leadership is so important and leading by example in business is nearly how all self made millionaires have made it.

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