Digital Passport: Your Pass to a Promising Career in Digital Marketing

Digital PassportOne-in-four British workers are stuck in a career rut, according to research. But making a career change which may affect your financial security can be scary and overwhelming. In today’s fiercely competitive job market, those fears need to be understood and overcome.

Lucy Bryson finds a new book that promises to help underwhelmed professionals make a successful move into the lucrative world of digital marketing.

If you’re looking to break into the digital marketing industry, there’s apparently no better time. Digital marketing skills are said to be in high demand – and the job market is bursting at the seams – as brands large and small move online. Jobs are well paid and, if you believe the hype, offer a healthier work-life balance than most others.

Digital Passport: Your Pass to a Promising Career in Digital Marketing promises to do exactly what it does on the tin. It’s a comprehensive resource – possibly the first of its kind – for professionals that provides practical advice about making the move from “dying” offline industries to a future-proof profession. It analyses the industry by sector, giving a detailed breakdown of skill requirements and salary expectations in areas such as ecommerce, social media, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), website analytics and content marketing, among others.

Perhaps more helpfully, the book contains practical advice about how to get your foot in the digital marketing door – from writing great CVs to making the right impression in the interview. If some of that sounds a little like going ‘back to basics’, it’s worth bearing in mind that this is an industry filled with enthusiastic, tech-savvy millennials who have been raised in an online world and requires a different approach from traditional advertising and creative roles.

Hafiz Muhammad Ali

Its author Hafiz Muhammad Ali, a leading digital marketing career coach, clearly knows a thing or two about the industry. With an MSc in digital marketing leadership from the University of Aberdeen and a qualification in life coaching from the University of Cambridge, he’s been involved in the field of online advertising since its infancy and is passionate about coaching others to success in the field.

But Ali makes no bones about the fact he struggled to get a foothold in the industry himself. In his introduction, he recalls that after borrowing 90% of the $100 (£77) required to register a domain name for his fledgling online marketing company some 10 years ago, he invested a staggering amount of time for very little financial reward.

But as his understanding of the sector grew, his agency began to reap the rewards, and Ali’s Omnicore agency is now a highly respected player in the digital marketing field.

The book also contains a link to a ‘digital marketing career assessment test’, which is described as an industry first.  This personalised assessment looks at personality type, abilities, experience and aptitudes in order to determine which area of digital marketing is likely to be a good fit.

If you’ve an ounce of interest in the world of digital marketing, this book is for you. #highlyrecommended, as the marketing experts would say.

Digital Passport: Your Pass to a Promising Career in Digital Marketing(Omnicore) is available now on Amazon UK, priced £9.14 in paperback and £4.98 as an eBook. Visit