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Digital talent “the number one challenge facing financial services businesses”

Jon Stephansen Armstrong Craven

Jon Stephansen of Armstrong Craven


Finding and recruiting digital talent is the primary challenge for financial services companies, according to Armstrong Craven. The global recruitment company stated that many of its projects over the last 12 months have centred around attracting digital specialists.

The assertion backs up research by Gartner which states that 30% of tech jobs may go unfilled by 2020.

Jon Stephansen, Armstrong Craven’s Practice Director of Financial Services, said: “Digital talent is so highly in demand that large, traditional companies must reinvent themselves, or consider new locations, to attract enough of the talent they need.

“There is a clear trend to look for talent where it is available. As a result, companies are setting up and continuing to grow technology centres in locations such as Romania, Poland and India.”

He added: “Talent pools will change more rapidly in the coming years than they have in the past and that is especially the case for digital talent. Corporations need to adjust requirements and organisational changes to fit the landscape. Only then can they plan for the right skills and capabilities required.

“Talent availability, talent migration, changes to and advances in technology, as well as socio-economic and political shifts are important external factors to consider. It will also be important to identify which skill sets and capabilities can be nurtured within the existing employee base, as digital talent must also come from the development of digital skills in existing roles.

Jon warned: “To future-proof and position your organisation for successful growth over the coming years, you must formulate a clear digital talent strategy.”

Armstrong Craven employs over 70 people in London, Manchester, Geneva, Singapore and New York.