Digitally-led orthodontic chain Impress raises $50m Series A round


Spain’s Impress, the new generation of orthodontic chains in Europe, has raised a $50m Series A round. This marks the biggest Series A round in Southern Europe.

The funding will be put towards further international expansion across Europe and where Impress already has a presence: Spain, Italy, Portugal, UK, and France. The investment will further accelerate the digitalisation of the orthodontic experience, with the ultimate goal of creating a fully-fledged doctor-led platform that consistently delivers high quality treatment and customer satisfaction.

Impress has reinvented the new generation of orthodontic chains model by offering first-in-class medical treatments directly to consumers.

Before Impress, consumers could only access cosmetic teeth alignment treatments or expensive orthodontic medical treatments in conventional clinics. Impress is leading in this new space by offering medically complex treatments at affordable prices to patients and by digitalising the whole process.

Impress co-founder Diliara Lupenko comments: “We didn’t copy what other companies in the space were doing and approached the market from a different angle from the get-go. We doubled down on the doctor-led digital model which brought us way better conversion rates and treatment quality even though on paper it looked complex in the beginning. It’s still very complex but we were able to crack it and scale exponentially.”

Since launch, the company has grown exponentially. In under two years, Impress has scaled to 75 clinics in Spain, Italy, UK, France and Portugal and has been recognised as one of the fastest growing health-tech companies in Europe in 2020.

A P A Bindusaran from CareCapital comments: “Impress has reinvented the orthodontics treatment delivery model by offering cost effective yet uncompromised orthodontic care through its fast expanding modern clinic network in combination with a digitally led approach. We were deeply encouraged by the commitment of Impress to provide X ray, 3D scans and in-person dental assessment by a specialist to evaluate root, nerve and oral health before start of treatment. In addition, it provides unparalleled access to in-house orthodontic specialists through both convenient digital channels and its state-of-the-art clinics. This standout experience and care provided by Impress aligns with the investment values of CareCapital and positions Impress to be the leading Patient Brand and Orthodontic Network of choice.”