Donald Trump declares national emergency over Huawei threat

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US President Donald Trump has declared a national state of emergency to protect the country’s computer networks from ‘foreign adversaries’.

Last night, Trump signed an executive order which stops US companies from using international telecoms.

Although Huawei have not been named, there has been a lot of public talk from US politicians that they do pose a threat to western telecoms.

The Chinese tech giant has continuously denied accusations that it is being used by its government as a surveillance tool. Huawei have also stated that Trump’s decision would only hurt American customers and businesses.

Trump and the US government has continually put pressure on its allies to shun Huawei for 5G mobile networks – something the UK has ignored.

The US government has also made further steps to hamper Huawei’s influence in the States by banning the company from acquiring any US firms, without pre-written approval by the President’s inner circle.

With Trump set to visit the UK in less than a month, there are reports that the Huawei topic may be discussed with the UK government.

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