Drive System Design’s expanded test facilities help accelerate electric commercial vehicle development


Electrified powertrain engineering consultancy, Drive System Design (DSD), is helping commercial vehicle (CV) manufacturers and their suppliers meet the challenges of powertrain electrification.

The company’s recent expansion of its test facilities, adding two further test cells for high-performance hybrid axles and e-machines, reflects a growing demand for outsourced test capacity suitable for electrified CV powertrains.

The first of the new facilities can deliver input torque up to 2,500Nm and power up to 525kW, with 350kW and 1,100V of battery emulation; the second accommodates e-machines up to 350kW. The new cells complement existing DSD facilities, which include a 450kW highly transient ETPS machine (Engine Torque Pulse Simulator) for hybridised powertrains and three battery emulators.

“As global pressure grows to reduce transport’s contribution to climate change, commercial vehicle manufacturers are turning to electrification in the same way as passenger car manufacturers,” explains David Kelly, Director, Drive System Design.

“This has resulted in a significant increase in worldwide demand, not only for design and development work but also for outsourced validation testing. These additional facilities have extended our ability to provide this for a wide range of hybrid and electric powertrains, and have been configured with sufficient torque capacity to accommodate most commercial vehicles below class 8.”