The company behind the products ‘used more than 1.2bn times per day’ that you may not have heard of

  • In the driving seat is Mark Bartlett, CEO at Strix Group
  • We talk lessons learnt with expansion into China, sustainability and much more

“Our kettle controls are estimated to be used more than 1.2bn times per day and by over 10% of the world’s population…”

Even if you’ve never heard of Strix as a company, there’s a very good chance you’ve used one of their products. The company is the world’s leading manufacturer of kettle controls and has a massive 38% global share of the kettle control market.

With roots back to the 1950s, Strix has been the pioneer in the space and firmly solidified its title as the ‘world market leader’ in the 1980s. In the same decade, the company opened its first overseas office in Hong Kong; and a relationship with China that would continue to grow. Fast forward to today, the company is listed on the AIM Board on London Stock Exchange and has just opened a shiny new factory in China.

In this edition of the Driving Ambition series, host Oli Barrett sat down with Strix CEO, Mark Bartlett, to talk about the company’s growth, lessons learned with expansion into China, sustainability, and much more. Watch the full discussion below and be sure to catch up with the rest of the interviews in the series.

Here’s what we covered during the discussion:

  • Could you tell us about Strix and the work that you do? (0:54)
  • As the Chief Executive, what do you see as the pivotal moments in the growth journey since you took the helm? (3:18)
  • What do you think is at the core of your business success? (4:22)
  • How do you approach partnerships in your business? (5:08)
  • Could you share a lesson you’ve learnt from doing business in China? (6:22)
  • What lessons have you learnt in the last few years, in the wake of Brexit and the pandemic? (7:14)
  • How have you felt about navigating the geopolitical uncertainty, being a company with global ties? (7:52)
  • What do you foresee as the challenges and the opportunities over the next 6/12 months? (9:05)
  • What were your main takeaways from going through an acquisition? (9:53)
  • How was your supply chain affected by Brexit? (10:30)
  • Could you give us a glimpse of how innovation has shaped and will continue to shape your company? (11:19)
  • How do you as a leader tread the line of focus and diversification of your product range? (13:50)
  • Why is sustainability so important to you personally? (14:59)
  • What changes do you see in the consumer and retail market that you operate in? (18:24)
  • Where do you as a company plan to invest your time and energy going forward? (19:54)

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