EasyBreathing secures £11.8m deal with Amazon and NFSG to supply 30 million frontline workers with PPE

The shortage of certified PPE in the UK during the current pandemic has been headline news for weeks. It was this headline news that led three Cheltenham entrepreneurs to form a partnership to solve this issue.

In the first two weeks of lockdown EasyBreathing successfully imported over two million units of PPE into the UK after it’s rapid formation. It was this early track record that led to the interest from health drink firm NFSG (owners of Overhang Drinks) to make contact.

NFSG, have distribution links into Sainsbury’s, Smiths, Waitrose and Amazon. NFSG reached out to EasyBreathing after receiving a ‘call to arms’ from Amazon for the supply in high volume of PPE.

Further to an article published by the UK Government on May 9 2020. Amazon started to gear up their efforts to procure PPE for distribution to frontline workers within the UK. Amazon reached out to their platform vendors, of which Overhang was one of, in the search for certified PPE.

The international connections and track record EasyBreathing brought to the table through their supply links in China teamed with NFSG’s relationship with Amazon allowed for a swift and compliant procurement process to take place in line with Amazons request for specifically 3Ply IIR Sterile Masks.

In a deal which took two weeks from start to finish to negotiate, and will still take a further seven weeks to deliver, EasyBreathing, with the support from NFSG have gone from lockdown start-up to a key PPE provider in this pandemic delivering nearly 30 million masks through Amazon to front line workers up and down the country.

Oliver Bruce CEO of EasyBreathing said “We always set out to make a difference where possible. I never thought we would be able to impact the shortage of PPE to such an extent, that said, I am thrilled we have been able to do so.”

Amazon have since requested further production schedules from the team with a view of procuring a further supply of product later this year for the consumer market.

William Wilkinson Managing Director of NFSG said “It’s been a real pleasure to be able to accept the call to arms Amazon circulated to their vendors. Having worked with Amazon for over 2 years supplying energy drinks, I would never have foreseen us pivoting into the world of PPE. We have and I am glad we did so.”