Edenstone markets first carbon zero homes for the region

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Llanfair Meadows Aberthin CGI

Edenstone Homes has pledged to offer carbon zero homes across its developments by 2021 with its first “green” house now on sale in Aberthin.

The Magor-based homebuilder uses innovative construction methods to reduce the impact its homes have on the planet.

The company aims to lead the way in zero carbon construction and living, and has built its very first eco-friendly house at its Llanfair Meadow development in Aberthin.

One of the first new build zero carbon homes to be released for sale in Wales, the four-bedroom “Tewkesbury” home is designed to produce more energy than it will require over the year.

Martin Taylor, managing director of Edenstone Homes, explained: “When people think of a zero carbon home they tend to assume that it will have a much more contemporary design, but that doesn’t have to be the case. The zero carbon home we have built at Llanfair Meadow looks just like the other homes, but has the ‘hidden’ benefit of being kinder to the environment. It has a dual benefit in that while saving energy, it should also save on running costs.

“We are committed to sustainability and take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. Our vision is that by 2021 we will have carbon zero homes on every development we create.”

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