EdTech startup launches new game app that elevates children’s maths skills

Akribian, a Swedish start-up, is spearheading the way in which children learn maths through short adventure game-based learning that helps children retain information and encourages long term academic success.

Its first product Count on me! is a maths app based on a new concept of Game-Embedded Teaching (GET) which combines science and game design to encourage children to discover the magic of mathematics and accelerate their learning.

The development of Count on me! is based on the latest research in learning psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and research conducted by Martin Hassler Hallstedt, PhD, CEO and co-founder of Akribian. His research, published in the Journal of Educational Psychology, showed that children between the ages of 6 and 9 who played Count on me! for 15 minutes a day improve their math skills by 60% compared to those children who did not use the app.

Count on me! was developed by Akribian’s game designers, with the support and testing from one of Sweden’s largest game developers, Malmö-based Massive Entertainment, which is part of the worldwide Ubisoft Group. Akribian’s team includes behavioural analysts and award-winning story writers who ensure that the content is visually captivating, has an enticing story, and is an efficient and effective way of learning maths

Count on me! provides short learning sessions with proven results. Children can only play the game for 15 minutes per day as the characters in Numberia go to ‘rest’, so it means limited screen time with maximum learning outcomes.

Martin Hassler Hallstedt, PHD, learning psychologist and co-Founder of Count on me! says: “Learning should be an adventure and maths is one of the most important subjects, yet there are too many adults who sadly have no positive memories of learning maths. With Count on me! we can change this for future generations by creating captivating gaming experiences that increase children’s willingness to learn important mathematics skills. Our unique approach to learning allows a child to engage fully in the moment for 15 minutes a day which means a short burst of wisdom is embedded with minimal screen time. This encourages a happier state of wellbeing and is a more sustainable way of learning that results in long term knowledge retention.”