Electrician aims to solve pension crisis with new book

John Doherty

A Somerset electrician who built a pension pot worth nearly £1 million in five years, has written a book helping others to avoid a retirement crisis.

John Doherty wrote ‘Defuse Your Pension Time-bomb’ out of a concern for middle-aged Brits heading blindly into an old age of poverty after the devastating pension market crash in recent years.

John’s book is a simple guide to help people create a good income through property investment – instead of putting up with a pitiful pension.

Research shows that British pensioners are among the poorest in Europe and rock-bottom pension rates mean many will be forced to work on into their 70s.

A new report by pension giant Scottish Widows this week showed that 1 in 5 men were not putting any money into a pension and 1 in 4 women.

John, 50, who has domestic electrical customers across Somerset, comments: “People don’t realise how bad the pension market has become. It will force more and more people into an old age of poverty.

“But the book is about a practical solution for people. Anyone can do what I’ve done. I’m just an ordinary bloke doing an ordinary job. Now I know I can have confidence financially for the future.

“At 45 I realised that it was too late for me to build up an adequate pension. So that’s why I chose to avoid the high charges and poor performance of a traditional pension and use property as a pension. This solution would suit most people.

“The world of property investment seems scary and difficult at first, but when you learn how to approach it, things become easier. That’s why I wrote this book.”

John founded and runs two property-based businesses, J. D. Electrics and Whitestone Property Services, and he has now set up a consultancy to help people solve their retirement income problems.

His book explains in basic terms how to use property to build a pension nest egg, to provide an extra income, to pay off your mortgage early and much more.

It also contains instructions to help you work out where you stand in terms of your pension.

The introduction to ‘Defuse Your Pension Timebomb’ says, “John’s down-to-earth, no nonsense approach will show how you can invest in property, given the right information and motivation. John offers to accompany you in your first steps into the world of property investment.”

For more about the book visit www.defuseyourpensiontimebomb.co.uk