Elon Musk is the most investable tech founder according to Google data

Elon Musk

Elon Musk

A brand new study by Money.co.uk has revealed the most searched for businesses to invest in around the world.

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With lockdown allowing people to save more money and tech giants like Tesla and Amazon dominating the news, investing has never been more popular – with search volumes around stocks and shares increasing by 57% since the start of the pandemic.

The study looks at search volume around stocks and shares to reveal the most searched for investment by country, whilst also analysing how the pandemic has affected the stock market.

Tesla is the most popular investment in 82 countries worldwide

The stock market has been dominated by global tech giants, making up a large percentage of the world’s top investments.

Tesla is the most popular investment in the majority of the Eastern hemisphere as well as in North America. Overall Tesla dominates searches into stocks and shares in 82 countries worldwide as well as making up 15.02% of today’s global searches into the stock market.

Meanwhile, Amazon and Apple both dominate in 13 countries each, with Amazon making up 12.98% of global searches into the stock market, whilst Apple comes in just under Amazon, dominating 12.24% of the searches.

Investing into the UK’s top 5 stocks could have seen a 396.60% increase from investment

The top 5 most searched for stocks and shares in the UK are Amazon, Apple, Tesla, Nio and Facebook.

If you invested £1000 into each of these stocks two years ago, you would have seen a 396.60% increase from investment and a return of £24,829.77.

Italy and Switzerland are the world’s savviest investors

The 5 most searched for investments in Italy and Switzerland are Tesla, Amazon, Apple, Nio.

Assuming citizens within Italy and Switzerland invested £1000 into each of their top searches for stocks and shares in 2019, they would have seen the biggest investment returns in our study, with a 500% increase in value and a return of £29,987.18 within two years.

Companies share price 2019-2021

Company Stock Price 2019 Stock Price 2021 Percentage Increase
Tesla 58.18 688.89 1084.07%
Nio 6.59 44.74 578.91%
Moderna 20.43 138.22 576.55%
Apple 44.73 121.81 172.32%
Amazon 1670.62 3121.84 86.87%
Facebook 172.07 276.71 60.81%

Interest into investing rose by 57% during the pandemic!

As a result of the pandemic, more people were able to save money that would have otherwise been spent on holidays or hospitality, bringing in a new wave of investors. However, this is not all that the pandemic changed in the stock market…

Tech and streaming services boomed throughout the pandemic, seeing stock searches for Zoom increase by 1581% between February and March of 2020, as well as Disney seeing a significant 236% after the release of Disney Plus.

Electric cars also became all the rave. Despite an initial decline in stock price at the beginning of lockdown, both Tesla and Nio have shown significant long term growth, seeing Tesla increase in stock searches by 1011% and Nio 404900% within the last three years.

Most importantly, pharmaceutical companies that played a crucial role in finding the vaccine saw their stocks skyrocket — Pfizers’ stock search increased by 190% and AstraZeneca’s by 140% between February and March of 2020.

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