Employee update on administration of Monarch Airlines

Monarch Airlines

Commenting on the support that is being given to the employees of Monarch Airlines Limited and Monarch Travel Group, Blair Nimmo, partner at KPMG and joint administrator, said: “Since our appointment, one of our key priorities has been to speak to all of the companies’ employees across all locations and provide them with the support and assistance they need at this distressing time.”

Following the appointment of joint administrators to Monarch Airlines and Monarch Travel Group on Monday 2 October 2017, a total of 1,858 employees were made redundant.

Of these, 1,760 were employees of Monarch Airlines, while 98 were employed by Monarch Travel Group.

Blair Nimmo continued: “Importantly, we have retained the company’s 17-strong HR team to provide assistance to the rest of the workforce, including help in making claims to the Redundancy Payments Office.

“Their support, at what is also a very difficult time for them, has been crucial and we are very grateful to them. Within the next 48 hours, all employees will be receiving a substantial pack of correspondence from the Joint Administrators to assist them with making their claims.”

Between them the two Monarch companies employed approximately 2,100 people. The remaining employees have been retained by the joint administrators to assist them in the administration process and importantly, to help collate critical information to assist the Civil Aviation Authority with the repatriation of customers who are currently overseas.

The Group’s engineering operation, Monarch Aircraft Engineering Limited, which employees 736 members of staff, is not in administration and continues to trade normally.