Enough hot air, it’s time for action on the Weston BID

Weston BIDThe Weston BID team would like to invite you to attend an exciting event to mark the launch of the highly anticipated BID Business Plan.

Having spent the summer gathering opinions and feedback from town centre businesses, the team is now ready to move on to the next stage in the BID process – launching the business plan which will outline how much the BID money will be and how it will be spent.

Once they have considered the business plan, town centre businesses will be asked to make a decision on whether to proceed with the BID at a ballot in February next year.

To mark the occasion, Weston Town Centre Manager Steve Townsend has arranged a photo opportunity on Thursday 27 October, which will demonstrate what the BID is all about.

“We have arranged for a hot air balloon to do a tethered evening glow (weather permitting) in the centre of Weston, so we can demonstrate how the BID will help local businesses take off.”  The balloon will be piloted by local Business West Manager, Terry Gilbert.

The hot air balloon glow will take place at 5pm at the rear of the Winter Gardens and there will be the opportunity to take photographs and interview Steve Townsend about the BID.

The official launch of the business plan will take place on Thursday 10 November, at 6pm, and will be held at the Blakehay Theatre, Wadham Street.

You can find out more about the BID by visiting Weston Town Centre Partnership’s website at www.wsmtcp.co.uk.