‘You can’t speed up reputation’ business leaders share their scale-up secrets

Scale-up month debate banner from Memery Crystal

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Throughout the month and in partnership with Memery Crystal, Business Leader will be focusing on Scale-ups – which has seen us partner with some of the leading minds in this space to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing scale-up businesses. 

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To discuss the challenges facing scale-up leaders, Business Leader brought together a panel of experts to talk funding, trade, talent and culture.

You can watch the debate by clicking above.

Who is on the panel?

Karen O’Grady: Director, Memery Crystal
Merilee Karr: CEO, Under The Doormat
Abi Liddle: Chief Operations Officer, Modo25
Firdaus Nagee: Founder, FCI London
Josh Robson: Head of External Affairs, ScaleUp Institute
Anthony Rose: CEO, SeedLegals

Here’s a breakdown of what we covered:

Josh Robson: How does the Scale-Up Institute define a scale-up business, and do you personally feel the term can be used too often? (02:33)
Josh Robson: From the companies you know and from the data you are seeing, what are some of the concerns scale-up companies are telling you they have? (04:18)
Anthony Rose: What are some of the trends you are seeing amongst companies looking to scale? (06:08)
Anthony Rose: You are a co-founder in SeedLegals, how important has it been for you to have a co-founder to share the journey with? (09:19)
Firdaus Nagee: Looking back over the last twenty years and scaling FCI London, what have been your biggest challenges? (10:57)
Firdaus Nagee: What advice would you give to leaders of scale-up businesses looking to instil a good company culture? (13:48)
Abi Liddle: Can you tell us about your journey scaling your business and the biggest challenges you have faced? (16:02)
Merilee Karr: Can you tell us about your journey scaling your business and the biggest challenges you have faced? (19:32)
Karen O’Grady: As a lawyer supporting businesses in this space; what are the common challenges you hear from leaders looking to scale? (23:15)
Josh Robson, Anthony Rose & Firdaus Nagee: What funding options should scale-up businesses be aware of? (26:13)
Merilee Karr: Could you tell us about your funding journey and the importance of keeping control of the business throughout? (36:07)

Questions from the audience

Anthony Rose, Abi Liddle & Karen O’Grady: When you’re experiencing explosive growth, how do you keep a finger on the pulse of your brand and ensure that it’s keeping pace? (39:06)
Josh Robson, Merilee Karr & Karen O’Grady: I’m a female leader of a business that I consider to be a scale-up – are you seeing more funding being accessed by female owners? (43:55)
Josh Robson & Karen O’Grady: We hear a lot about the levelling up agenda – are we seeing more scale-up companies from outside of London? (50:20)

• Final word from Abi Liddle (54:16)
• Final word from Firdaus Nagee (54:51)
• Final word from Merilee Karr (55:39)
• Final word from Anthony Rose (57:17)
• Final word from Josh Robson (58:37)
• Final word from Karen O’Grady (59:12)

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