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Entrepreneur brings baltic inspired fashion to the West

Baiba More

Baiba More

A West entrepreneur is bringing Baltic inspired fashion to the UK.

A new online fashion store called Madame Kuku has been launched to showcase the best designers of chic modern clothing in the Baltic States.

It brings together top boutique brands from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia and sells an eclectic mix of exclusive designs.

The website is the first of its kind to sell Baltic womenswear, menswear, childrenswear, accessories and beauty products to the UK market.

The business is the brainchild of 28-year-old Baiba More originally from Latvia, but who has lived in Clifton for the last four years and recently moved to Lower Failand, in North Somerset.

Baiba comments: “After moving to England I found it very hard to get hold of some of the clothes and accessories which were popular back home in the Baltics.

“Many of my friends here would compliment me on the things I was wearing so I realised there was a market in the UK for Baltic fashion designers which, for the most part, hadn’t been explored.

“The creativity and attention to detail of Baltic designers is second to none so I really wanted to do something to promote this niche market to a wider audience.

“Nowadays people have so little time on their hands to shop so an online store where all the best designers are in one place is great and a great platform for fashion which is perhaps a little more unique than anything else on offer – you certainly won’t bump into anyone wearing the same thing at a party!”

Baiba is from a small Latvian town called Liepaja, on the Baltic coast.

After moving to the capital Riga to study business management, Baiba moved to Dubai before finally settling in Bristol with her husband a GP who practises in North Somerset.