‘Ethnicity Ally Toolkit’ launched to help business leaders better support employees from ethnically diverse backgrounds

Sarah Garrett MBE

A new toolkit to help CEOs and business leaders provide better support to employees from ethnically diverse backgrounds has been launched today (Thursday 20 August).

The Ethnicity Ally Toolkit, which has been produced by the HSBC UK sponsored Investing in Ethnicity initiative, is being offered to public and private sector business leaders to help create more inclusive workplaces.

The digital kit contains videos and a guide packed with expert advice to help people implement policies and better working practices to support Black, Asian and minority ethnic people at some of Britain’s biggest organisations. An accompanying digital workshop is available for organisations that want to take their learning further.

Founder of the Investing in Ethnicity and Race initiative, Sarah Garrett MBE, says 2020 is the year for business to do more to support Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic employees.

Sarah comments: “The Black Lives Matter movement has created a welcome opportunity to truly learn and listen. Each one of us has a responsibility to continuously audit ourselves to see how we can improve our interactions with other ethnic groups, challenge our behaviours and further understand different cultures, in order to create a more inclusive workplace for all.

“I hope people in leadership positions in businesses all over the country engage with the Ethnicity Ally Toolkit. It is an incredibly useful resource in a pivotal year for racial and cultural equality.”