EU to reject UK plea for Brexit electric car deal

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Dan Martin, CEO, Elmtronics

The European Union is about to formally reject a UK plea for special allowances for exports of electric cars in a post-Brexit trade deal.

A draft addition to the deal says electric and hybrid cars will only get zero tariffs if a majority of the parts’ value is from the two areas.

The draft means that even if there is a deal, some UK car exports to the EU will not be eligible.

And this means tariffs of 10% will apply from January.

Dan Martin, CEO of Elmtronics Ltd, comments: “The European Union flexing muscle with regards to import tariffs on electric vehicles to the UK is a dangerous game, intended to penalise a nation. But ultimately it will contribute to further compounding the issue of people’s health and ultimately climate change.

“This feels like a petty and short-sighted move given that this is a global issue and not confined by borders. The uptake of cleaner and greener transportation needs positive promotion and encouragement by all nations and spitefully hindering progress through further taxation is disappointing.

“I would urge the European Union to look past political indifference and to see the health of the human race as the bigger picture.”

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