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Business Leader recently spoke to Egor Borushko, the co-founder and producer of Running Remote, to talk about the company’s event on Monday 20th April – Remote Aid. He also spoke about how the company and its events can help your business adapt to working in the current climate.

Can you give an overview of Running Remote?

Running Remote is the world’s first and largest conference on building and scaling remote teams. It targets business leaders, founders and CEOs – who manage large and distributed teams. It is a two-day event, where speakers share their success stories behind scaling their business from remote and home locations. The audience hears about their tactics and how they overcame various challenges on their journey. The speakers answer questions on ‘how to scale a business remotely’ and other similar topics, for example.

We started this in 2018, driven from a personal need – as we were running a SAAS business (called Time Doctor) with 90 people across the world in 42 different countries. On our company retreats, we talked about the best working practices of remote working across multiple time zones. That company has existed since 2011 – so we have developed multiple different strategies before this enforced work-from-home movement.

In 2017, we decided to see how other companies were dealing with remote working, and myself and the owners of Time Doctor decided to start an event to discuss these issues. So, I then left Time Doctor and set up Running Remote as a separate entity.

Can you tell me about your new event, next week – Remote Aid?

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we had to cancel our event in Austin, Texas – which was meant to take place from April 20th-21st. Due to the nature of the content that we deliver – about running a business remotely – we made the decision to pivot to an online event. We didn’t want to lose our industry-leading speakers, so we had to come up with an idea to please our audience. So, we moved the event to September with a completely new line up.

So, the online event is free to attend, however, we are accepting donations for the Red Cross. So, when someone buys a ticket they have the option to give voluntary donations. So far, we have had more than 3,000 people sign up and the money we collect will be sent to them. This is our first ever online conference, that has been driven by the unforeseen circumstances that the world is in right now.


How can people get involved and what can they expect?

Anyone can sign up to the event, and get involved. We will cover all topics about operating, scaling and managing remote teams. We will cover topics relating to incorporation, taxation, employment, developing a company culture, all the way to what remote tool stack should a company use for remote working.

We also cover other aspects of remote working, like how to help with loneliness, productivity and time management within the team – and we have a psychologist coming onboard to answer questions on topics like this.

The event will cover an array of topics related to managing teams, but also is relevant to the employees of these companies. With these topics, we are helping all members of staff – from the founder, CEO or business leader – to all staff within a remote-working business.

We have leading businesses and individuals talking at this event, including the founder of Basecamp, founder of Toptal, the founder of Monday.com and many more! In total, over the eight-hour event, we have around 40 speakers, three fireside chats and two panel discussions, which cover a wide variety of topics. It is easy to sign up – so register now!

We will also be doing a virtual exhibition zone – something we have never done before. More than 30 exhibitors have donated their services, so people can decide if they want to go to the stage to hear the speakers, or go to this expo to talk to the experts from those companies.

At the event, we will also have speed networking – random video chats with other attendees that only last one minute. Attendees can use these as many times as they would like. We also have three, one-hour networking opportunities at the event.

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