How effective is your board? Building leadership teams fit for the future

We partnered with OnBoard for a special debate that looked at board effectiveness and building leadership teams that are fit for the future.

In an ever-changing global business context, this debate is timely and will see experts from various sectors discussing how you can best build a leadership team that will deliver not only growth and profit, but purpose too – in an environment where sustainability, people, and community matter more than ever.

The discussion also comes off the back of a recent Board Effectiveness Survey, that was commissioned by OnBoard.


Adarsh Mantravadi: General Counsel & Director of Business Development, OnBoard
Gary Ashworth: Non-Executive Director and Business Coach
Jordan Brompton: Co-Founder & CMO, myenergi
Chris Paton: Managing Director, Quirk Solutions
Dr. Saima Rana: CEO/Principal of GEMS World Academy – Dubai, and Chief Education Ambassador for the Varkey Foundation

Here’s a breakdown of what we covered:

  • Adarsh Mantravadi: How can companies make boards more effective and improve their governance – what are your initial thoughts around this? (3:09)
  • Adarsh Mantravadi: Are you seeing progress being made around diversity and inclusion at a board level? (5:20)
  • Gary Ashworth: When recruiting people to support you at a leadership and board level, what type of people should you be looking for? (6:26)
  • Jordan Brompton: What have you found when building a leadership team around you? (7:34)
  • Jordan Brompton: How have you developed your leadership style? (8:48)
  • Gary Ashworth: What are the common challenges that leaders are facing from the companies you work with? (9:42)
  • Gary Ashworth: Are you seeing progress being made around diversity and inclusion at a board level? (10:57)
  • Jordan Brompton: How are you going about building your leadership team/board? (11:57)
  • Dr. Saima Rana: What does being a good leader mean to you? (13:25)
  • Dr. Saima Rana: You have led teams in Dubai and UK – are there differences in leadership styles and board structures? (15:18)
  • Chris Paton: Part of your business is leadership training – can you tell us more about what and you better equip leaders? (17:40)
  • Chris Paton, Adarsh Mantravadi, Dr. Saima Rana & Jordan Brompton: Have you seen leadership evolve with the struggles of the past 2 years? (19:45)
  • Chris Paton, Jordan Brompton, Dr. Saima Rana, Adarsh Mantravadi & Gary Ashworth: Authenticity is such an important part of being a leader. Do you have any tips to keep that authenticity for leaders building their teams and scaling their companies? (28:28)
  • Gary Ashworth, Adarsh Mantravadi, Dr. Saima Rana, Jordan Brompton & Chris Paton: Which leader has really inspired you? (42:05)

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