Business Leader Funding Month: It’s funding nirvana – but are business leaders ready?

Never has there been so many funding options – and so much money available to support ambitious businesses and leaders. But are those seeking funder answering the right questions and creating the products and services needed to find a home for the cash?

This panel debate will put the microscope on the current funding landscape and speak to both funders and business leaders about what options are available, how you can secure the right funding and what trends are emerging across the sector.

The event is part of Business Leader’s Funding Month – in partnership with Wesleyan Bank – and will cover angel investing, IPOs, private equity, debt and grant funding. If you’re a business owner looking to find out about how to get the right funding to match your plans, then this event is for you. Equally, this event will be relevant for professionals and funders who operate in this space.

Who is on the panel?

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