Anthony Rose: 'the man who saved the BBC', inventor of the iPlayer & co-founder of SeedLegals - Business Leader

Anthony Rose: ‘the man who saved the BBC’, inventor of the iPlayer & co-founder of SeedLegals

In this instalment of Business Leader insight, we spoke to Anthony Rose, co-founder of SeedLegals.

Rose is best known for his work managing the launch of BBC iPlayer, for which Wired UK named him ‘the man who saved the BBC’. Anthony lead the team as CTO from 2007 until 2010, taking the BBC iPlayer from pre-launch to success.

Since leaving the BBC, Anthony has founded 5 companies. He sold Beamly to COTY in 2015 and 6Tribes to the TopGear team in 2016 both for an undisclosed amount. Anthony is currently working as co-founder and CEO of SeedLegals.

We spoke to Anthony will talk to Business Leader about his career to date, his thoughts on the current funding landscape and give an insight into what tools entrepreneurs will need to be successful in the future.

Here’s A Breakdown Of What We Discussed In The Interview:

  • Anthony Rose background (1:13)
  • You played a leading role in the creation of the BBC iPlayer – can you tell us about that time? (2:25)
  • In your business career, you have become synonymous with launching disruptor businesses – in your opinion what makes a disruptor? (4:05)
  • Have the fundamentals of what businesses need to be and do changed because of the last five months, regarding raising funds? (6:05)
  • You see many businesses looking to raise early – but isn’t achieving market fit a better approach for many firms? What I’m trying to say here is would it better for many companies to see if the market wants their product and fund growth this way? (8:30)
  • Within the tech space, do you feel there needs to be a shift from creating clever tech and raising money to looking more at what the market and the customer wants? Or is this already happening? (10:56)
  • Does exiting a business become easier the more times you do it? (11:49)
  • Does it help to have a co-founder and what role can they play? (14:11)
  • What parts of the technology sector are exciting for you when you consider the future? (16:29)
  • Cutting through the noise is difficult. Do you have any insight into what makes good marketing or PR for a company? (19:00)
  • What advice would you give to leaders during this difficult time? (20:38)

Questions from the public

  • What was your biggest challenge when setting up the iPlayer? (23:52)
  • What is some advice for startup businesses who might be struggling to get investment/interest at this time (27:23)
  • What advice would you give to someone who is considering going into the world of entrepreneurship and what keeps you motivated? (30:05)
  • What is the best advice you’ve ever received? (32:34)
  • What is one fact about you that people can’t find online? (33:26)

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