Brad Barritt: former Saracens and England rugby player & founder of Tiki Tonga Coffee

In this instalment of Business Leader Insight, presented by Purplex Marketing, we were honoured to get to talk to Brad Barritt, highly-accomplished professional rugby player, entrepreneur and founder of Tiki Tonga Coffee.

Here’s a breakdown of what we discussed in the interview:

  • Brad Barritt background (1:46)
  • What lead you to set up Tiki Tonga? (2:45)
  • How has your business been affected by COVID-19? (3:41)
  • How have you adapted your business to handle COVID-19? (5:17)
  • Could you give us a comparison between how the UK has handled COVID-19 with how South Africa has handled the pandemic? (5:53)
  • This edition of Business Leader Insight was brought to you by Purplex Marketing (7:17)
  • What’s kept you motivated to work as hard in business as you do in rugby? (8:26)
  • Are there any lessons that you’ve learnt on the rugby field that has carried over to your management style? (9:32)
  • How do you keep mentally resilient with the uncertainty in business and in sport? (11:08)

Questions from the public

  • Who was the best fly-half you ever played with? (12:46)
  • Who did you support in 2019 Rugby World Cup Final? (14:34)
  • When do you think we’ll see professional rugby back on our TV screens? (15:37)
  • Will you ever look at franchising Tiki Tonga? (16:40)
  • Could you tell us one fact about you that people won’t be able to find online? (17:47)
  • Have you taken any lessons from current/previous coaches and used them in your business? (18:47)

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