Business Leader Insight: Joel Blake OBE

Here’s a breakdown of what we discussed in the interview:

Joel Blake OBE business background (1:42)
What inspired the idea behind GFA Exchange? (3:35)
How has GFA Exchange adapted to COVID-19? (6:14)
How is the UK FinTech sector being impacted by COVID-19? (7:42)
Has the Government done enough with to support businesses through COVID-19? (10:22)
This edition of Business Leader Insight was brought to you by Purplex Marketing (12:24)
Do you have advice on how business leaders can embrace this difficult time? (13:25)
How do you think businesses will have to change their working environments post-COVID-19? (16:03)
What is a disruptor? (18:13)

Questions from the public

Since many companies are relying on working from home, do you think post-COVID-19 companies will stay this way? (20:23)
Do you think that, with people having more time on their hands, we will see a boom of small startups once the lockdown is over? (21:34)
What’s the best advice you were ever given when starting out? (22:45)
Who would you consider to be a good role model with how they have handled their company during COVID-19? (23:47)
What’s one fact about you that people won’t be able to find online? (25:15)

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