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Here’s a breakdown of what we discussed in the interview:

Can you tell us about how you ended up joining the army? (1:54)
You served for 27 years in the elite unit – that must make an incredible mark on somebody. How did shape you? (4:44)
What was your lowest point during this long SAS career and what did you have to do to get through it? (5:54)
This edition of Business Leader Insight was brought to you by Interaction (7:05)
So how did you end up on Channel 4’s SAS: Who Dares Wins? (9:19)
What is your view on how the UK has responded to COVID-19 and have you ever seen anything like this? (11:30)
What advice would you give to leaders to help them navigate this crisis? (14:05)
Do you think the era of the “Hero Leader” is fading away and a different style is needed for issues like this? (16:12)
How do you reflect on your time as a bodyguard to the stars and were there any close scrapes? (17:31)
You talk a lot about ‘Always a little further’ – what do you mean by that? (20:00)

Questions from the public

What would be your advice for new leaders? (22:32)
How do you mentally prepare your mind to deal with situations you think you can’t achieve? (24:07)
Where have you experienced strong leadership and why? (25:05)
What morning rituals do you follow to set your day up for success? (27:47)
How do you deal with negativity in a team? (28:39)
How do you schedule your week or month? (29:53)
How do you inspire yourself and pick yourself up when you have a bad day? (31:12)
How do you achieve your team goals when the wider business team can’t see the ultimate goal? (32:36)
What is something we can’t find online about you? (33:46)

Final word from Billy (34:24)

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