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Here’s a breakdown of what we discussed in the interview:

Professor Steve Smith background and career (1:47)
How has UWE (University of the West of England) responded as an organisation to the Covid-19 pandemic? (2:53)
How have you personally had to adapt as a leader during this time? (4:12)
How do you keep mentally resilient during such a difficult time? (7:39)
This edition of Business Leader Insight was brought to you by Purplex Marketing (9:40)
What are your plans as a university to getting back to some kind of normality after COVID-19? (10:46)
Can you tell us about the construction of the NHS Nightingale Hospital Bristol? (15:46)

Questions from the public

What’s the best advice you can give to students leaving education during this pandemic? (18:42)
Do you think this crisis will encourage a boom in working from home or freelance work? (20:50)
What’s the best thing a person can do to help out during this crisis? (23:10)
What is one fact about you that people may not be able to find online? (24:43)

In this instalment of Business Leader Insight, presented by Purplex Marketing, we were honoured to get to talk to Professor Steve West, Vice-Chancellor of the University of the West of England.

Professor West has been Vice-Chancellor of the University of the West of England, Bristol since 2008. A prominent leadership figure in the South West and UK, Steve has held various external roles such as Chair of University Alliance, President of Bristol Chamber of Commerce and Chair of the West of England Initiative and President of the South West CBI.

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