Spencer Matthews: TV personality and founder of CleanCo

Spencer Matthews, TV personality and founder and CEO of the Clean Liquor Company, was our guest on this edition of Business Leader Insight, brought to you by Purplex Marketing.

Spencer Matthews has frequently appeared on British TV screens since first making his name in the E4 series Made in Chelsea. His entrepreneurial spirit has seen him invest in a variety of in start-ups and early growth companies over the years.

Spencer is the founder and CEO of The Clean Liquor Co. The company has been making waves throughout the industry by offering a unique variety of “Clean” low alcohol rum and gin, with more to be added to the range soon.

Check out the CleanCo website for the full range of products they offer, including CleanGin and CleanRum.

Here’s a breakdown of what we discussed in the interview:

  • You were working in the city at that time as filming Made in Chelsea. Can you give us an overview of your career that point? (1:36)
  • Could you talk about the lessons you learnt through being on Made in Chelsea? (4:53)
  • This episode of Business Leader Insight is presented by Purplex Marketing (8:04)
  • What inspired you to set up The Clean Liquor Co.? (9:03)
  • How has lockdown affected your business and how have you changed your business and marketing plan? (14:12)
  • What do you look for when you invest and do you have any tips for start-up leaders? (19:18)

Questions from the public

  • Did you learn any business lessons from your fellow Made in Chelsea cast members? (23:17)
  • How important has your social media following been for the expansion of The Clean Liquor Co.? (25:05)
  • What is one fact about you that people can’t find online? (27:21)

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