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finncap ecommerce virtual event inside the dealWe’ve teamed up with the finnCap Group to go ‘Inside the Deal’ in a series of virtual events that you will not want to miss. In this instalment, we’ve collected an expert panel to dive into the world of e-commerce.

Recovery through 2021 will be predominantly consumer-led and its speed and extent will be determined by the willingness to spend. Employment levels and real wage growth will be key, but consumers are unlikely to start spending heavily until confidence has recovered.

Online retailers have performed strongly, with sector tailwinds turning into a strong gale; the extent of the shift online has been extraordinary. But simply being online is not a silver bullet as securing and retaining market share is wildly competitive and can be expensive. This growth has seen a number of e-commerce companies list on the stock market in recent months, with public market investors providing the capital for the next stage of growth and an exit opportunity for Private Equity of Venture Capital investors, demonstrating the variety of funding options available for e-commerce businesses.

The pandemic has also thrown up acquisition opportunities and stronger companies, private equity and overseas buyers are ready to snap up mispriced assets. Acceleration in online sales has had an environmental impact with emissions from deliveries, freight and packaging increasing. Increasingly e-commerce retailers need to consider how to offset their impact to maintain a sustainable advantage.

In this episode of ‘Inside the Deal’ we discuss:
• How to sustain the e-commerce 2020 boom
• What opportunities does M&A offer
• The public markets – how they view and value e-commerce
• What funding options can accelerate growth
• What effect has growth had on ESG (environment and societal factors)
• How will developments in Technology (AI, VR etc.,) impact future growth


Oli Barrett MBE

Contributing speakers

Matt Goode: Head of Consumer, finnCap Capital Markets
Henry Wells: Partner & Head of Consumer, finnCap Group
Cheryl Calverley: Chief Executive Officer, eve sleep
Anna Cusden: Managing Director, Look Fabulous Forever
Kevin Dorren: Chief Executive Officer, Parsley Box
Rob Halliday-Stein: Founder and Exec Chairman of BuIlionByPost
Mike Hancox: Chief Executive Officer, Yodel
Ben Wigley: Co-Founder, Big Green Smile

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