Global Business Leader Summit – how will the world reboot after the pandemic?

Business Leader Inside the Deal

Business Leader and international law firm Bird & Bird have assembled a panel of global leaders to debate how the world now responds following the tumultuous last year.

This discussion reviewed how regions across the world have responded to the crisis before looking ahead to the future and exploring how a more global, connected world can work together to build a bright future.

Who is on the panel?

Here’s a breakdown of what we covered:

  • Christian Bartsch: Can you tell us more about how you have found the last 14 months; how you responded and how well prepared would you say your clients were for a crisis of this magnitude? (3:25)
  • Pattie Walsh: There are positives to more flexible and office working – but what are the challenges in your opinion? (9:18)
  • Ann Hiatt: Do you feel the working model has changed forever? (15:24)
  • Chris Jones: On the theme of international trade we have not just had the pandemic but Brexit too and turbulence in global politics – how is this impacting on countries trading and supply chain vulnerabilities? (21:41)
  • Emmanuel Logan-Moll: Can you tell us more about what trends you’ve been seeing in private capital as you work across multiple countries? (25:31)
  • Christian Bartsch: Are you optimistic about the trade agreements the UK government is agreeing? (32:29)
  • Ann Hiatt: Despite the pandemic, a sea of capital seems to be available to business leaders and entrepreneurs – are we about to see a start your own business revolution? (33:49)
  • Chris Jones: Do you feel that the high levels of e-commerce are here to stay even in the post-pandemic world? (36:40)
  • Christian Bartsch: Have you noticed your client base reviewing their digital strategy from a go-to-market perspective to looking at digital as a way of building resilience? (39:20)
  • Pattie Walsh: What differences have you seen in how the UK is approaching work (for example compared to Hong Kong and other territories)? (42:19)

Questions from the audience

  • Emmanuel Logan-Moll, Pattie Walsh & Christian Bartsch: Are global business leaders doing enough to make their companies more sustainable and tackle issues such as climate change? (44:50)
  • Ann Hiatt, Chris Jones & Emmanuel Logan-Moll: Is a new type of leadership needed as we reboot after the pandemic? (50:45)
  • Final word from Chris Jones (57:32)
  • Final word from Emmanuel Logan-Moll (58:13)
  • Final word from Ann Hiatt (58:57)
  • Final word from Christian Bartsch (59:54)
  • Final word from Pattie Walsh (1:01:01)

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