finnCap Group presents Inside the Deal: The Future of Recruitment

We’ve partnered with finnCap Cavendish for this edition of Inside the Deal. In this special event, we discuss the future of recruitment with a group of business owners and leaders who are at the cutting edge of innovation and evolution in the sector.

As the recruitment sector booms following the global pandemic, we examine the evolution of new recruitment delivery models and how the impact of technology and new approaches to talent engagement/culture are driving growth and profitability.


Oli Barrett MBE

Contributing speakers

Mark Kingston: Director, finnCap Cavendish
Steve Beckitt: Founder, Sourcebreaker
Rob Blythe: Co-CEO, Instant Impact
Ross Crook: Managing Director, Sanderson
Fiona Hudson-Kelly: Chairperson, Not a CV

Here’s a breakdown of what we covered:

  • Mark Kingston, Fiona Hudson-Kelly, Rob Blythe, Steve Beckitt & Ross Crook: Introductions (2:53)
  • Ross Crook, Rob Blythe, Steve Beckitt & Fiona Hudson-Kelly & Mark Kingston: What is the future of recruitment as you see it? (7:25)
  • Mark Kingston: What kind of M&A and funding/finance trends are you seeing? (9:51)
  • Ross Crook & Rob Blythe: How are recruiter services evolving? (13:47)
  • Fiona Hudson-Kelly: When is technology at its best (in terms of enhancing the recruitment experience)? (18:18)
  • Steve Beckitt: How is AI deployed to make for better recruitment? (21:07)
  • Steve Beckitt & Ross Crook: For employers that say that skillset is less important than mindset, can you use AI or technology in general to match for mindset? (23:01)
  • Rob Blythe: Would you prefer Instant Impact to be more technology-agnostic? (24:59)
  • Mark Kingston: As certain recruitment companies bill themselves as technology companies, does this have any impact on their evaluation? (25:43)
  • Rob Blythe: Being technology agnostic has its benefits but do you feel like you lose out on not having proprietary systems that get taken into account in an evaluation? (26:26)
  • Fiona Hudson-Kelly & Rob Blythe: What have you learnt about managing culture (using technology or not)? (28:29)
  • Rob Blythe, Steve Beckitt, Fiona Hudson-Kelly & Ross Crook: What challenges are you seeing recruitment companies face? (31:26)
  • Ross Crook, Steve Beckitt, Rob Blythe & Fiona Hudson-Kelly: What are the leading recruiters saying to you about the importance of working from an office? (39:48)
  • Mark Kingston: Is inclusion and diversity something that the investors you work for look for in a company and have you seen a change in the last 18 months or so? (44:46)
  • Ross Crook, Fiona Hudson-Kelly & Rob Blythe: Do we need to meet people face-to-face during the recruitment process? (46:02)
  • Steve Beckitt, Rob Blythe, Fiona Hudson-Kelly & Ross Crook: What are the rarest skills that employers are looking for? (50:50)
  • Fiona Hudson-Kelly, Rob Blythe & Ross Crook: What are the perks that leading employers are using to entice the best talent? (55:37)

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