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finnCap Group presents Inside the Deal: Growing Through Sustainability

We’ve partnered with finnCap Group for this edition of Inside the Deal. In this special event, we discuss how instilling a strong ESG strategy can grow your business and improve your reputation with customers, suppliers and investors.

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How companies adhere to, report on and improve upon their environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments is increasingly under the spotlight. This is not simply a case of ‘doing the right thing’; it goes to the heart of a business’s potential to succeed and grow. Investors across both the public and private sector are increasingly looking for evidence that businesses are measuring their impact and deliver sustainability to future proof their business.

Bringing together business leaders and investors across the consumer sector from retail, travel and hospitality we discuss what strategies they are implementing, how they are adapting their business models and the importance of collaboration to drive change.


Oli Barrett MBE

Contributing speakers

Karri Vuori: Partner, finnCap Cavendish
Susan Hooper: Founding Director of Chapter Zero & serial NED
Rob Pitcher: CEO, Revolution Bars
Geoff van Sonsbeeck: Founder & CEO, Baukjen & Isabella Oliver

Here’s a breakdown of what we covered:

  • Opening introductions and comments (1:36)
  • Susan Hooper, Karri Vuori, Geoff van Sonsbeeck & Rob Pitcher: If you could say one thing about our theme for this event, growth through sustainability, what would that be? (4:33)
  • Geoff van Sonsbeeck: Do businesses have a role in educating consumers? (10:09)
  • Geoff van Sonsbeeck: Why did you decide to become a B Corp business? (12:27)
  • Geoff van Sonsbeeck: You’re innovating a whole new business model for your industry, could you tell us about it? (15:44)
  • Susan Hooper: What role can a NED play in making a company more ESG-conscious? (17:31)
  • Susan Hooper: What should board members do if they don’t feel their colleagues understand enough about the problems that need solving? (19:22)
  • Karri Vuori: Does taking ESG seriously impact the value of a business? (20:20)
  • Karri Vuori: You mention there’s a shortage of ‘impactful’ businesses. What is it that ‘impact investors’ struggle to find? (22:10)
  • Rob Pitcher: All hospitality businesses have struggled through a turbulent time since the beginning of the pandemic. How do you keep sustainability at the forefront of your business despite these challenges? (24:41)
  • Rob Pitcher: What did you win the Green Apple Award for? (26:52)
  • Susan Hooper & Geoff van Sonsbeeck: Progress is often measured through growth (financial metrics) – do you think it’s time to consider progress in a different way for businesses? (28:42)
  • Geoff van Sonsbeeck: We hear a lot about greenwashing. Do you have an example of it? (30:49)
  • Rob Pitcher: What is one of the main challenges you face? (32:41)
  • Susan Hooper: Is offsetting an example of greenwashing? (36:54)
  • Susan Hooper: Could you tell us about the choices you’ve seen the Moonpig board take in making them a more sustainable company? (38:14)
  • Geoff van Sonsbeeck, Rob Pitcher & Susan Hooper: Is setting lofty ESG targets foolish or good leadership? (39:57)
  • Karri Vuori & Geoff van Sonsbeeck: Do you believe that companies taking ESG seriously have a better chance of being successful? (44:55)
  • Susan Hooper & Rob Pitcher: Green alternatives are often more expensive than their carbon-based alternatives. For a lot of smaller businesses, ESG is perceived as a cost that can only be borne when profitability allows. Do the panel see a point when green solutions gain the economic advantage and the motivation to adopt is built into the P&L? (48:48)
  • Karri Vuori & Susan Hooper: It can get confusing in the ESG space (B Corp, UN Sustainable Development Goals etc.) Is there any framework that is rising to the top? (53:17)
  • Karri Vuori, Rob Pitcher, Susan Hooper & Geoff van Sonsbeeck: How do I kick ESG up the agenda in my company or boardroom? (58:36)

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