Inspiring change – how can business leaders be ESG pioneers?

  • The importance of an ESG strategy when attracting funding
  • What should a good business sustainability strategy look like
  • How should businesses be measuring impact

As part of Sustainability and ESG month, Business Leader and finnCap Group are hosting a special debate looking at what strategies businesses can implement to tackle climate change; how companies can support diversity and inclusion and what more leadership teams can do to support their local communities.

Environmental, social and corporate governance is mission-critical for businesses and professionals and this event will talk to leaders and change-makers about what a good ESG strategy looks like and how you can make a positive impact and measure progress.

Contributing speakers

Raymond Greaves: Head of Research, finnCap
Nicky Amos: Managing Director, Chronos Sustainability
Steve Malkin: Founder & CEO, Planet Mark
Manjula Lee: Founder & CEO, World Wide Generation
Nicola Stopps: CEO, Simply Sustainable

Here’s a breakdown of what we covered:

  • Introductions (2:15)
  • Nicky Amos, Manjula Lee, Steve Malkin & Nicola Stopps: Why is it so important that business leaders are ESG pioneers? (9:49)
  • Steve Malkin, Nicola Stopps, Nicky Amos, Manjula Lee & Raymond Greaves: How can businesses best improve their ESG performance? (20:24)
  • Nicola Stopps, Steve Malkin, Nicky Amos & Manjula Lee: As a business owner: if you could only choose one change, what do you think has the most amount of positive environmental and social impact? (34:47)
  • Steve Malkin: Do you know if enough people know about what Net Zero is? (39:57)
  • Manjula Lee, Nicky Amos, Nicola Stopps & Steve Malkin: How should businesses be measuring impact? (42:10)
  • Steve Malkin: Calculating carbon footprint over the last year may not be representative and could lead to unachievable targets for the future, should the first half of this year be dis-counted? (49:30)
  • Raymond Greaves, Manjula Lee, Nicola Stopps & Nicky Amos: Should the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) be on everyone’s radar? (50:34)
  • Steve Malkin, Nicola Stopps, Manjula Lee, Nicky Amos & Raymond Greaves: Who are your ESG “rockstars”? (57:40)

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