Lead Your Company From Panic to Purpose: Live Q&A with Sukhendu Pal, Steve Garnett and Stephen Kelly

Here’s a breakdown of what we covered in the discussion:

  • Steve Garnett introduction (0:56)
  • Stephen Kelly introduction (1:42)
  • Sukhendu Pal introduction (2:52)
  • How should we reshape and rebuild great companies for the “new normal”? (3:47)
  • What will be the required model of leadership for the “new normal”? (6:39)
  • How do you innovate in the depths of a recession? (8:42)
  • How can we rebuild public confidence in capitalism and its ability to function in a way that generates inclusive and sustainable prosperity? (14:16)
  • What is the biggest challenge companies face for business recovery at this most challenging of times? (18:44)
  • Can purpose and profit coexist? (22:34)
  • What will leaders do to keep their teams engaged, morale high, culture intact and maintain high performance in the “new normal”? (24:54)
  • In your experience, how much more successful are purpose-driven companies? (27:42)

Questions from the public

  • What will this pandemic be remembered for? (34:56)
  • Why should people keep companies around in the next “new normal” whose sole purpose is the enrichment of a select few? (41:28)
  • COVID-19 will have a massive impact on inequality – how do you suggest we eliminate inequality? (50:01)

As economies around the world emerge from lockdown, businesses must adapt to the “new normal”. We were fortunate to have three of UK’s leading minds in business, technology and innovation for this Live Q&A, with the Business Leader Magazine, analysing the impact of the pandemic and outlining how companies can serve all stakeholders and rebuild public confidence in a way that supports the less fortunate and generates inclusive and sustainable prosperity.

Funding London’s lead mentors, Sukhendu Pal and Steve Garnett, along with Stephen Kelly, Chair of Tech Nation, discussed how the coronavirus outbreak has forced entrepreneurs to think on their feet, rapidly pivoting business models as they adapt to the “new normal” and use technology to transform relationships with customers and staff.

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