Live panel debate: What next for the business world?

Brought to you by Shawbrook Bank and Infinity International Foreign Exchange

The business world has been changed irrevocably. But what next for businesses? And what do leaders need to know about how they can successfully trade through the new normal.

To break this question down and answer it, we partnered with Shawbrook Bank and Infinity International Foreign Exchange for a special panel debate.

We assembled a prestigious panel for this discussion:

Here’s a breakdown of what we discussed during the debate:

  • Sarah Billingham: What has been the impact of lockdown and Brexit both in terms of UK and international trade on your clients? (1:55)
  • Andrew Baxter: What has been the impact of Brexit on your business both in terms of UK and international trade? (5:07)
  • Dave Edwards: What opportunities and challenges are your clients facing, considering your expertise as a debt advisor for businesses? (9:04)
  • Nick Leitch: As a key funder for growing businesses – what are the challenges and opportunities you’re seeing in the market? (12:30)
  • Nick Farmer: In terms of your client base and specialism, what have you seen as the main impact of Lockdown and Brexit, for businesses that trade both in the UK and internationally? (15:31)
  • George Dexter: As a business owner – how have you adapted the way you operate during the last 9 months? (20:32)
  • Andrew Baxter: How has your business changed in the last 9 months and how did you adapt as a business due to COVID-19? (26:54)
  • Andrew Baxter: Do you see things remaining the new normal or will they go back to how they were pre-COVID? (29:01)
  • Sarah Billingham: How are you seeing businesses adapting to foreign exchange risk challenges within the current volatility? (31:31)
  • Dave Edwards: Going forward do you anticipate seeing more businesses looking to consolidate, merge or change ownership to survive? (35:40)
  • Nick Leitch: What are the main funding frustrations you’re seeing for advisors and businesses? (38:07)
  • Nick Farmer: Can you talk to us about how to see tax strategy changing for SMEs and mid-corporates, in light of recent events? (41:04)
  • George Dexter: What do you feel are the fundamentals businesses will need to be successful in this new trading environment? (45:46)

Questions from the public

Andrew Baxter & George Dexter: What can leaders in the UK learn from other countries about future business models and practices? (50:19)
Nick Leitch & Dave Edwards: Has your leadership approach changed in the last 12 months? (53:32)
Sarah Billingham: How have you found the process of working at home vs. working at an office? (56:26)

• Final word from Sarah Billingham (57:38)
• Final word from Dave Edwards (58:04)
• Final word from George Dexter (58:38)
• Final word from Nick Farmer (59:02)
• Final word from Andrew Baxter (59:37)
• Final word from Nick Leitch (1:00:11)

Special thanks to Shawbrook Bank and Infinity International Foreign Exchange for a sponsoring this special panel debate.

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