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R&D Tax Credits live interview – all you need to know

Many companies, particularly small ones, have no idea that what they’re doing could qualify as Research and Development. We spoke to the experts at Finch & Associates to find out everything you need to know about R&D tax credits.

Brought to you by Finch & Associates

For this special live Q&A event, Business Leader chatted to Shaun Bartle from Finch & Associates about R&D tax credits and how businesses can benefit from utilising them.

Here’s a breakdown of what we discussed during the interview:

  • Can you tell us about what R&D relief is? (1:13)
  • How does a business know if it qualifies for R&D tax credits? (1:53)
  • Could you give some examples of businesses that have successfully applied for R&D tax relief? (3:06)
  • Are there any sectors that you’re expecting to see an uplift in claims? (6:40)
  • Are you seeing a shift away from traditional sectors, like manufacturing, to more tech influenced ones? (7:50)
  • We’ve seen an increase in HMRC enquiries due to many fraudulent and spurious claims being submitted, with the relief being exploited. Can you tell us more about this and the impact it will have on claims going forward? (8:45)
  • I’d now like to talk about the application process and how businesses can work with third-party advisors. Can you talk more about this? (12:20)
  • How can Finch & Associates help support businesses? (15:32)

Questions from the public

  • Our company’s R&D project is being undertaken overseas. Would we still qualify? (19:02)
  • Will Brexit affect R&D tax claims? (19:36)

If you have any further questions about R&D tax credits, you can contact Shaun on LinkedIn, by email (shaun.bartle@finchassociates.co.uk) or by calling 07494 170 202.

A special thanks to Finch & Associates for sponsoring this very special interview.

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